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Teaching for Change’s mission is advanced not only by our staff and board, but also by the dedicated focus on special projects by interns and volunteers. If you’re interested in an internship, check out our current openings. In 2015, our interns are:



Justin Velez

Internship on curriculum development and parent engagement

While studying at Catholic University, Justin Velez found his passion for advocacy. Having grown up in New York, he decided to leave for D.C., pursuing studies in psychology and education. Justin’s passion for social justice started in high school. It is here in D.C. that Justin hopes to make change happen, starting with today’s youth. Working in the classroom is nothing new to this young professional, having spent years as a peer educator for many organizations over the years. Though he is unsure where his fight for social justice will take him, one thing is for certain; he is vehement of any cause he finds to promote a change that will prove just for all.


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