Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers

Teaching for Change’s mission is advanced not only by our staff and board, but also by the dedicated focus on special projects by fellows and volunteers.

In 2015, the interns are:

Justin Velez. Internship on curriculum development and parent engagement.



Justin Velez

While studying at Catholic University, Justin Velez found his passion for advocacy. Having grown up in New York, he decided to leave for D.C., pursuing studies in psychology and education. Justin’s passion for social justice started in high school. It is here in D.C. that Justin hopes to make change happen, starting with today’s youth. Working in the classroom is nothing new to this young professional, having spent years as a peer educator for many organizations over the years. Though he is unsure where his fight for social justice will take him, one thing is for certain; he is vehement of any cause he finds to promote a change that will prove just for all.


Previous Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers

Sarah Evers (George Mason University, 2015)

Ravon Ruffin (George Washington University, 2015)

Katy Swalwell (University of Maryland, 2015)

Sarach Slichter (Vassar College, Summer 2014)

Neha Singhal (Summer 2014)

Pat Scallen (Summer 2014)

Rachel Mullin (Summer 2014)

Tristan Brosnan (Fall 2013)

Elizabeth Behrens (University of Chicago Human Rights Program, Summer 2013)

Charity Porotesano (Truman Scholar, Summer 2013)

Anne Preston (Truman Scholar, Summer 2013)

Shelly Wen (Swarthmore, Summer 2013)

Dominique Hazzard (Truman Foundation, Summer 2012)

Sarah Neitz (Truman Foundation, Summer 2012)

Bridget Feldman (Bates College, Summer 2012)

Amy Rothschild (Summer 2012, Summer 2014)

Noor Kalkat (GWU, Spring 2012)

Sarah Trumble and Victoria Kimmerling (GWU, Spring 2012)

Gabriel Deerman (Queen’s University, Spring 2012)

Ariela Rothstein (Summer 2011)

Chelsea Caveny (Truman Foundation, Summer 2011)

Nadine Foty (Summer 2011)

Michael Remillard (2011)

Lily Brown (George Washington University, Fall, 2010)

Yasmine Taylor-Hart (Teacher volunteer, Summer and Fall, 2010)

Ibrahim Elshamy (Truman Scholar, Summer 2010)

Heather Fluit (Truman Scholar, Summer 2010)

Darlene Germino (General Board of Church and Society Ethnic Young Adult Intern Placement, Summer 2010)

Julie Smolinski (Volunteer, Summer 2010)

Ijeoma Njaka (Brown University, Summer 2010)

Lauren Reed (American University, Fall 2009)

Lauren Elizabeth Mitchell (Vanderbilt, Summer 2009)

Zach Crago (Truman Scholar, Summer 2009)

Jonathan Kim (General Board of Church and Society Ethnic Young Adult Intern Placement, Summer 2009)

Amy Rothschild (Yale, Summer 2009)

Heather Torretta (4th grade teacher volunteer, Summer 2008)

Rachael Debnam (Morehead-Cain Fellowship, Summer 2008)

Ali Lange (Truman Scholar, Summer 2008)

Eagan Heath (Truman Scholar, Summer 2008)

Liz Morasso, (Catholic University, 2007-2008 school year)

Lindsay J. Kopitzke (FCPS, 2007-2009 school year)

Rebecca MacMillan (Cornell, Summer 2007)

Kourtney Bettinger (Truman Scholar, Summer 2007)

Danielle Escontrias (Truman Scholar, Summer 2007)

Bruce Haupt (Truman Scholar, Summer 2007)

Jennifer Magaha O’Looney (George Mason University, Summer 2007)

Kameelah Rasheed (Truman Scholar, Summer 2006)

Victoria Luhrs (Truman Scholar, Summer 2006)

Lauren McAlee (Truman Scholar, Summer 2006)

Stacia Stribling (George Mason University, Spring 2006)

Rebecca Helgerson (George Mason University, Spring 2006)

Tammi Cioffi (George Mason University, Spring 2006)

Patti Longoria (Morehead Fellow, Summer 2005)

Katie Li (Truman Scholar, Summer 2005)

Robyn Lingo (University of Massachusetts – Amherst, Summer 2004)

Megan Wells-Jamieson (Truman Scholar, Summer 2003)

LaTasha Tucker (UMBC, Spring 2003)

Rashida L. Roberts (Georgetown University, 2002-2003)

Luis Valentin (Pilar Barbosa Fellowship, Summer 2002)

Kathleen Suarez Reyes (Pilar Barbosa Fellowship, Summer 2002)

Rachel Lander (Spring 2002)

Rishi Awatramani (Vassar, Summer, 2000)

Amber Young (Amherst, Summer 2000)

Leslie Smith (Antioch, Spring 2000)

Lynn Evans (American University)

Kristina Fiorillo (American University)

Taher K. Manasterli (American University)

Heidi Shin (Wellesley College)

Nyere Miller (Edmund Burke)

Melissa Belli (Summer, 1991)

Maria Pilar Zamora (1990-91)

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