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See what some past interns have said about their experience with Teaching for Change:

intern-anniepreston “More than I expected, Teaching for Change provided a supportive, enthusiastic environment with a lot of flexibility in terms of activities.  I was surprised and excited by the mixture of field and office experiences, arts and author events, DC trips that I was able to attend as a part of my internship.  I was also really impressed by the thoughtfulness of the staff, who do not take any decisions lightly and take every step of their work intentionally and critically.  It was an inspiring place to spend the summer.”–Annie Preston, Truman Scholar, Summer 2013
intern-elizabethbehrens “Every single day of my internship at Teaching For Change I was intellectually engaged and interested in the work that I was doing. Last summer I had no idea where I was going, now that I have spent a summer with Teaching for Change, I have a clear vision of what I want to do. I want to be a teacher.”–Elizabeth Behrens, University of Chicago Human Rights Program, Summer 2013
intern-shellywen “I really loved being able to do all of the school visits and conferences – it was great being able to meet teachers and organizers who were doing progressive work around education and seeing all of the projects at work around the country. Going to conferences also helped me learn how to summarize my work concisely and accurately while making connections for both myself and Teaching for Change. I’ve also gained a lot of new insight into writing succinctly and reading from a different critical lens than I’m used to at college. While I’ve had a lot of experience reading for representation and messaging in works, I haven’t had to think too much about readability or accessibility of a text, or how useful it would be to use in classrooms.”–Shelly Wen, Swarthmore Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Summer 2013
“As someone who has interned at poorly functioning nonprofit organizations, it was very beneficial to have the opportunity to observe an organization that runs so smoothly and has a tangible impact. The opportunity to sit in on meetings and attend events was especially useful in this respect.”–Dominique Hazzard, Truman Scholar, Summer 2012
“This was one my best internships because of the staff. Everyone was so supportive and I always knew what was going on. I not only learned about intern skills and working at a non-profit organization, but I also learned so much history that it was like a history lesson in itself. I now recognize names and events that I did not know before.”–Noor Kalkat, GWU Human Services, Spring 2012
“One of the biggest things I appreciated was the encouragement to explore the city of Washington D.C. I walked away knowing more about the Washington, DC’s history and landmarks, especially in the U-Street Corridor. I also learned so much in the short amount of time about the great successes and achievements of the Civil Rights Movement. I walked away feeling that humbling feeling, “The more you learn, the less you know.’”–Ibrahim Elshamy, Truman Scholar, Summer 2011
“I appreciated how I was encouraged to attend events outside the office to provide me with new learning opportunities. I also liked that I was allowed to tailor the internship to my personal interests. My supervisor took the time to meet with me one-on-one, at the start of the internship and half-way through, to ensure that I was gaining a worthwhile internship experience.”–Darlene Germino
“As an intern with Teaching for Change, the people around me continually deepened my understanding of social justice-based education. While talking with teachers using Teaching for Change’s resources in their classrooms, I got many wonderful ideas about how to engage students and educate for social justice. For anyone interested in learning more about transformative education, Teaching for Change is a perfect place to intern.”–Robyn Lingo, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“Volunteering with Teaching for Change’s author events at Busboys and Poets bookstore was unlike anything I had anticipated when I took up the opportunity. Their author events aren’t held as talks or lectures, but as forums where community members discuss openly the kinds of social issues they live with every day but rarely are able to acknowledge. I not only became acquainted with the structure of nonprofit programming as a volunteer,  I also learned how to meaningfully engage in my work the topics that years of formal education had never fully addressed.

– Elizabeth Zinar

“In many ways the internship was better than what I expected. I was dreading the sitting-in-a-desk-eight-hours-each-day part. Luckily, I rarely did that! I was pleasantly surprised by the Tellin’ Stories field trips to schools. That was an incredible start to the summer – it provided evidence of the changes Teaching for Change is catalyzing and motivated me for the following weeks. I learned so much! I appreciated having substantial projects that required thought – not just menial tasks. I really appreciated the freedom to attend various events throughout DC. Additionally, I didn’t know too much about how nonprofits worked before and this summer was a great introduction.”

– Kourtney Bettinger, Truman Fellow

“Interning with Teaching for Change gave me substantive experience with a non-profit organization dedicated to progressive education. The internship expanded my understanding of the education field through conferences, meetings, newsletters, organizational networks and research.”

–Lynn Evans, American University

“My internship at Teaching for Change was extremely insightful and very rewarding. I became part of a movement that I had previously only read about: the movement to introduce themes of social justice into educational institutions… Internships are supposed to give interns a chance to do work that they normally wouldn’t be able to do at an entry-level position. Teaching for Change did just this. It gave me an opportunity to do more work at a professional and mature level than I could have ever hoped for.”

–Rishi Awatramani, Vassar College



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