América Calderón, ¡Presente!

  América Libertad Calderón, Teaching for Change senior parent organizer and lifelong fighter for justice, passed away on April 17, 2014 in Guatemala after a year long battle with cancer. América joined the Teaching for Change staff in February, 2008 as senior parent organizer for D.C. area schools and national training. Here is the profile she […]

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Festival of Poems of Provocation and Witness

This year marked a milestone for the Biennial Split This Rock Festival, with a record turnout and stellar forums. The staff and board of Teaching for Change were honored to co-sponsor and coordinate book sales for the 2014 festival of activist poets from all over the country. Hats off to our publications director Don Allen […]

Gold or Water in El Salvador?

“Thirty years ago, several thousand civilians in the northern Salvadoran community of Santa Marta quickly gathered a few belongings and fled the US-funded Salvadoran military as it burned their houses and fields in an early stage of the country’s twelve-year civil war. Dozens were killed as they crossed the Lempa River into refugee camps in […]

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After-School Special: True stories by and about educators

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, SpeakeasyDC and Teaching for Change premier After-School Special: A Night of True Stories By & About Educators.   A cast of storytellers from different schools across the DMV share true tales from inside and outside the classroom, showcasing education at its best. The show will be Friday, May 9, 2014 at […]

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Listen Up! Presenting at the National Family Engagement Conference

Teaching for Change has been invited to present at the National Family and Community Engagement Conference. We will be leading a session called Professional Development for Family Engagement Practitioners. In this interactive session, participants will learn time-tested approaches from Teaching for Change’s Tellin’ Stories Project to: (1) help teachers and administrators rethink their assumptions about parent involvement […]

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Food Justice Teach-In: When the Students Become the Teachers

By Neha Singhal “If you were at the grocery store and saw an apple with one stem and another apple with two stems, which one would you buy?” As much as I would like to say it doesn’t matter, I would probably end up picking the one with one stem because this superficially normal-looking apple […]

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Parents Tell Councilmember Catania: Our Children Deserve Classrooms

Orr (DCPS) parents invited David Catania, Councilmember and chair of the Education Committee, to hear their stories and tour the building which badly needs modernization. Nearly 30 parents attended with their children, along with teachers and members of the local community. Parents expressed their concerns about the safety of the playground; stagnant air and poor […]

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No Place to Hide: Orr Elementary Needs Modernization Now!

Students in a photo provided by Orr Elementary. Isaiah Lyles was shocked as he watched his daughter Da’Vonna and her pre-Kindergarten classmates attempt to hide in plain sight from an “active shooter” during a safety drill. This day in January, Orr Elementary (DCPS) was among the schools participating in a safety assessment after the anniversary […]

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Parents and Teachers Swap Stories About What Children Can Do

Maria Lopez* listened intently as the interpreter shared the meeting with her in Spanish. The mother of a student who loves to read, Maria came to the 3rd grade’s parent-teacher Grade Level Dialogues to find out more about what her daughter is learning in the classroom. The third grade team at Thomson Elementary (DCPS) planned two […]

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Challenging White Privilege in Children’s Books

By Alison Kysia As an educator and a parent, I need children’s books that represent the diversity of my children, students, and our community. This is easier said than done. Data collected by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center indicates that from 2008-2012 only 10% of children’s books published were about people of color despite the […]

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