Central America: An Introductory Lesson

While the histories of the United States and Central America have been intertwined for centuries, Central America is invisible in most U. S. textbooks and curriculum. This lesson is designed to introduce students to key issues and events in Central American history through brief biographical sketches of key twentieth-century figures. It is a “meet and greet” activity where […]

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Lessons on the Civil Rights Movement

Here are lessons that we recommend for use before and/or after the Stepping into Selma lesson to place the freedom struggle in Selma within the larger context of the Civil Rights Movement and the long struggle for human rights and full democracy in the United States.   Go to Teaching About Selma page for more lessons and related […]

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Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers – Bios

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About Selma These films focus on the freedom movement in Selma.   Other Civil Rights Movement Stories Here is a list of many more films on the Civil Rights Movement, recommended for the classroom.   Oral History Interviews These people played an active role during the Selma freedom movement.   National Visionary Leadership Project  

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Youth Organizing

In making the connection from Selma to today, check out the resources below and Teaching About Ferguson.   Websites Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution Black Lives Matter hh What Kids Can Do IndyKids jj Youth4Justice School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL)   Films Precious Knowledge Mighty Times: The Children’s March   Books Catch the […]

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Selma in Pictures: Socratic Seminar

By Lynda Tredway In a media driven age, visual images often provide access to important events and political struggles that may be more immediately accessible to students than written texts. At the same time, these images can offer a venue for the development of critical literacy. Images are also useful for differentiating instruction and exposing […]

Selma Freedom Movement Role Play Bios

These brief bios are written in first person for use in the role play Stepping Into Selma: Voting Rights History and Legacy Today. The text in quotes reflects the person’s actual words, the rest is paraphrased. Sources used to write the bio and for further learning are provided after each entry. Go to Teaching About […]

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Contributions and Credits

This special collection of lessons and resources for teaching about Selma was made possible by the following people. Lessons and Roles Emilye Crosby, Liz Dierenfield, Karyln Forner, Julian Hipkins III, Deborah Menkart, and Lynda Tredway. Feedback and Field Testing Scott Abbott, Greg Carr, Allyson Criner Brown, Marjorie Clark, Bonny Cochran, Genevieve DeBose, Katie Gould, Sharlene Kranz, […]

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Thank You

Thank you for supporting our mission to build social justice starting in the classroom. Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube: Transaction summary:

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Other sources for lessons, data, news and photos. History, Oral History, Primary Documents, and Photos When We Were Young There Was a War. This interactive website enlightens and engages students as they learn about the armed conflicts and their aftermaths in El Salvador and Guatemala through the poignant personal stories of Central American adults revisiting […]

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