Does Family Engagement Matter? The Truth and Half-Truths about Parent Involvement      

By Karen L. Mapp, Anne T. Henderson, and Nancy E. Hill Ever since a new report claiming that parent involvement is overrated was released to a flurry of media coverage last month, people have been asking us for a response. We hope you find our analysis helpful in responding to questions about why our work […]

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The Shapes that Shape Our Lives

A spaceship representing the United States and El Salvador. The church from a small pueblo (village). The “Birthday Party Express” bus. These are a few of the family projects proudly on display in the hallways of Thomson Elementary (DCPS) this spring. The first graders at Thomson Elementary (DCPS) are learning all about shapes, so in […]

Listen Up! Professional Development for Family Engagement Practitioners

Teaching for Change was honored to present at the National Family Engagement Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 8, 2014. Hosted by the  Institute for Educational Leadership in conjunction with the Coalition for Community Schools National Forum, the conference focused on the intersection between family engagement and educational equity. In our workshop we modeled some of the […]

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Parents Tell Councilmember Catania: Our Children Deserve Classrooms

Orr Elementary School (DCPS) parents invited David Catania, Councilmember and chair of the Education Committee, to hear their stories and tour the building which badly needs modernization. Nearly 30 parents attended with their children, along with teachers and members of the local community. Parents expressed their concerns about the safety of the playground; stagnant air […]

No Place to Hide: Orr Elementary Needs Modernization Now!

Students in a photo provided by Orr Elementary. Isaiah Lyles was shocked as he watched his daughter Da’Vonna and her pre-Kindergarten classmates attempt to hide in plain sight from an “active shooter” during a safety drill. This day in January, Orr Elementary (DCPS) was among the schools participating in a safety assessment after the anniversary […]

Parents and Teachers Swap Stories About What Children Can Do

Maria Lopez* listened intently as the interpreter shared the meeting with her in Spanish. The mother of a student who loves to read, Maria came to the 3rd grade’s parent-teacher Grade Level Dialogues to find out more about what her daughter is learning in the classroom. The third grade team at Thomson Elementary (DCPS) planned two […]

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Parent Organizer América Calderón Wins Dedication Award

For many parents in Washington, D.C.’s Latino community, América Calderón is the person who inspired and pushed them to speak up for their children. In her five years of organizing in D.C. schools with Teaching for Change, Calderón has built a reputation for going above and beyond for the parents and schools she serves. On […]

DCPS Parents and Students at Immigration Reform Rally

More than 60 parents and students walked from one of the schools we work with, Thomson ES (DCPS), to the mall for the April 10 Immigration Reform Rally. There they joined thousands more people outside the U.S. Capitol. Teaching for Change’s senior parent organizer, America Calderon, helped organize this after school action field trip and […]

How to Build a Better Parent-Teacher Night

For many schools, parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school night, and report card day are the only attempts to bring parents and teachers together. Typically, these meetings do little to foster sustainable parental engagement and sometimes the format even hinders meaningful collaboration. Teaching for Change’s Tellin’ Stories initiative offers a powerful alternative with its signature activity, parent-teacher grade […]

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Teaching for Change Pioneers Latino Parent Leadership Training in D.C.

In Washington, D.C. and in cities across the country, cultural and language barriers present some of the biggest challenges  to building effective home-school partnerships. Teaching for Change’s parent empowerment initiative has a few methods for overcoming this stumbling block: providing translation services for parent meetings, recruiting multilingual parent leaders, and promoting cultural understanding through community […]

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