Schools Welcome Parents as Partners with Academic Classroom Visits

Heads turn and whispers fly as a small group of parents quietly file into the back of a second grade classroom in the middle of a reading lesson at LaSalle Backus Education Campus. The poised teacher at the front has already told the young students to expect some special visitors, so it’s easy to refocus […]

Closed for Learning: The Impact of School Closures on Students and Communities

By Zanso Dalili “A society that does not take care of its children is a morally bankrupt society,” said Judith Browne Dianis as she highlighted complaints filed against school districts in Chicago and New Orleans over cutting staff, programs, resources, and the closing of “failing” public schools. On Thursday, December 10,  the Journey for Justice […]

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National Cathedral School Community Supports Teaching for Change

Students, staff, parents, and friends of the National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C. gathered in late September for a service based on Jacqueline Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming. Jane Simchak, a teacher in the Lower School, spoke about the book and in particular the theme of her grandfather’s garden and growth that comes in all aspects of our lives. […]

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Teaching for Change Bookstore Memories

On this 25th anniversary of Teaching for Change and 10th anniversary of our bookstore, we have passed the operations of the bookstore at 14th & V to Busboys and Poets partner Politics and Prose. As we prepare to end our operation of the bookstore at 14th & V, we are collecting testimonials and memories about the store, favorite books, author […]

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Thank You to Our Bookstore Shelf Sponsors

We greatly appreciate the National Education Association and the Keene Family for sponsoring the education and children’s book sections at our non-profit, independent Teaching for Change Bookstore at Busboys and Poets (14 & V). “I decided to become a shelf sponsor after hearing about Rush Limbaugh’s attack on the bookstore for promoting multicultural children’s books,” says […]

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Selma Film Sparks Youth Dialogue

On Saturday, January 24, eleven students from five public schools (in the Center for Inspired Teaching’s Real Word History program) and two private schools in Washington, D.C. gathered for an informal discussion about the film Selma in the atrium of the National Portrait Gallery. Three teachers were also present. The discussion started with the film Selma and moved effortlessly—without […]


These websites offer primary documents, oral histories, and analysis about the freedom movement in Selma. Go to Teach About Selma for more lessons and related resources.

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Teaching About Selma

Crossing Borders Through Art:  The Tortilla as Canvas

BY LYNDA TREDWAY The Border/La Frontera (n) limit, boundary, frontier, limitation, margin, restriction; a line dividing two areas (v) run along the edge of something or form frontier with place Walls protect and walls divide.  Some walls are meant to protect—The Wall of China.  The wall between the West Bank and Jerusalem divides an already […]

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Steve Early’s call to “Save Our Unions”

by Sarah Slichter Steve Early, a long-time labor journalist and union activist, gave a rousing talk at the Teaching for Change Bookstore at Busboys and Poets on June 2. In attendance were over fifty activists, unionists, labor movement veterans as well as those who identified themselves as the “youth wing of the labor movement.” To start, Early […]

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