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John_Carlos_DONATEThank you to everyone who has donated to the new edition of Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching.


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Carmen Wolf and Mike Bauman
Donald and Patricia Clausen
Myla Kabat-Zinn
Gail LaGrander
Nzinga Tull


Saladin Aljurf
Illenin Kondo
Garrett Quinn
Katherine Murhpy


Loraine Binion-Hardy
Susan Follet
Tamima Friedman
Matthew Holden Jr
Brigham Kiplinger
Enid Lee
Ellen Olmstead
Margot Okazawa-Rey
Catrina Williams


Sally Elisabeth Arnold
TriMartin Blank
Carol Booker
Kathleen Bougher
Susan Burton
James Cameron
Vivian Carlo
Madeline and Sydney Carlock
Amy Cohen
Norm Diamond
Dennis Doyle
Danielle Drakes
Deborah Duke and Steve Rosenberg
Sandra Duval
Donna Fletcher
Melissa Fox
Susan Glisson
Perry Hamilton
Louis Hicks
Chris Hoeh
Wesley Hogan
Maia McCuiston Jackson
Jesse Johnson
Lauren Khouri
Debora Kodish
Judy Lipshutz
Judith Martens
Andrew Miller
Anjali Nagpaul
Sonia and Angel Nieto
Elizabeth Patterson
Lise Pearlman
Gita Rao
Courtney Rogers
Ken Rolling
Steven Kwesi Rollins
Gimena Sanchez-Garzoli
Paulette Saunders
Carol Savary
Renee Hausman Shea
Mark Simon and Thea Lee
Marilyn Simons
Christine Sleeter
Betty Ansin Smallwood
Virginia Spatz
Ruth Tamaroff
Marta Urquilla and Jomo Graham
Athena Viscusi
Amanda Wheeler-Kay
Sheryl Winarick
Barbara Wright and R Frank Gay
The Rev Dr Janet Whaley Zimmerman

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