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Beyond the Master Narrative of the Civil Rights Movement: Grassroots Activism from 1940-1980

Teaching for Change is proud to partner with a team of scholars, veterans, and educators from Duke, the SNCC Legacy Project, and Tougaloo College on a NEH Teacher Summer Institute: The Civil Rights Movement: Grassroots Perspectives from 1940-1980.

Participants (classroom teachers in grades 7-12) will study the bottom-up history of the Civil Rights Movement. They will have the unique opportunity to learn from people who made the Civil Rights Movement happen and from leading scholars of the era including William Chafe, Charles Cobb Jr., Courtland Cox, Emilye Crosby, Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Charles Payne, Barbara Ransby, Judy Richardson, and more.

The following narratives will serve as the focus of the institute.

  1. The Civil Rights Movement was a primary force for the expansion of democracy for all.
  2. The Movement was based on the work of thousands of local “ordinary” people who both organized and sustained it.
  3. Women and youth were a fundamental part of the leadership and the troops of the Movement.
  4. The tradition of protest grew out of a long history of activism and resistance in the Black community.
  5. And more.

Dates: July 9 – 27, 2018 (3 weeks)
Location: Duke University, Durham, NC
Application Deadline: March 1, 2018 (notification date: March 28, 2018)
Stipend: $2,700


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