Birthday Tribute to Howard Zinn, Our Favorite Teacher

In celebration of what would have been Howard Zinn’s 91st birthday on August 24, 2013, we are thrilled to share this collection of personal remembrances from Zinn’s students at Spelman College in Atlanta and Boston University.

Howard Zinn’s deep love for people weaves through these stories—-along with his desire to honor their experiences, their struggles, and their successes. As Cornel West said, “He was in love with everyday people,” and, it’s clear he was in love with the possibility of justice.

Zinn’s work to engage students with history so that they could make sense of what was happening in the world—-and also make sense of what was happening in their own lives—-is core to these student tributes, and is a foundation of the Zinn Education Project.

If you are a former student of Howard Zinn, please submit your story. Here’s how.