Teacher Workshop on Central America

While the histories of the United States and Central America have been intertwined for centuries, Central American history has been missing from the school curriculum for many years. Therefore, before asking teachers to infuse Central American history in their own classrooms, we recommend that schools host teacher workshops to familiarize the staff with Central American […]

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Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and Labor History Teacher Fellowship

The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement and Labor History Teacher Fellowship was launched in 2014. The goal is to build a sustainable statewide learning community of classroom language arts, social studies, and history teachers in grades 6–12 for teaching hands-on, inquiry based U.S. history through the lens of race and class in Mississippi history. The partners […]

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Girl Scout Book Drive Exceeds Its Goal

Our Teaching for Change Bookstore and Girl Scout Troop 3859 (Saint Augustine Catholic Church) hosted a book drive on September 12-14 in support of Saint Augustine School, New Community for Children, Marguerite’s Place, and Playtime Children’s Project. Troop leader Dena D. Grant wrote to our publications director Don Allen to say it was a big success. Here’s an excerpt from […]

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Exploring Immigration and Identity in the K-12 Classroom with Américas Award Books

In celebration of the 2014 Américas Award, CLASP and Teaching for Change are hosting a K-12 teacher workshop “Exploring Immigration and Identity in the K-12 Classroom with Américas Award Books.” This hands-on workshop will explore issues of immigration and identity using children’s literature. The workshop will feature the work of this year’s Honorable Mention book, […]

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Matt Herron and Dorie Ladner Remember the Mississippi Freedom Movement

  On July 24, 2014, photographer Matt Herron and SNCC veteran Dorie Ladner shared photos and stories about the 1960s Freedom Movement in Mississippi. Askia Muhammad from WPFW moderated and shared his own memories as a native of Mississippi. The featured books were Mississippi Eyes and This Light of Ours: Activist Photographers of the Civil […]

Middle Passage Markers Project: Invitation to Teachers and Students

“If the Atlantic were to dry up it would reveal a scattered pathway of human bones, African bones, marking the various routes of the middle passage.” — John Henrik Clark at the cemetery, walnut grove plantation, 1989 [Roebuck, SC] nobody mentioned slaves yet the curious tools shine with your fingerprints. nobody mentioned slaves yet somebody […]

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Reactions to Teaching About Ferguson

Teaching for Change’s article “Teaching About Ferguson” (August 21, 2014) by Julian Hipkins III has received rave reviews and attacks. The article offers ideas and resources for the classroom to help students think critically about the events in Ferguson by providing historical context and ways to be proactive in their own communities. We are honored that the […]

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Teachers Connect with Families in Community Walk

[embedit cf=”ORR-WALK-SEP-2014″]   Teachers, staff, and parents of Orr Elementary School (DCPS) began the 2014 school year with a community walk in the neighborhood of the school. Orr ES partners with Teaching for Change to implement the Tellin’ Stories approach to parent engagement. The community walks are one activity we recommend and help plan to strengthen […]

José Luis Vilson Book Party

   This Is Not a Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education Book Party for author Jose Luis Vilson Thursday, September 25, 2014 5:00 to 7:00 pm, light refreshments Hosted by the Albert Shanker Institute 555 New Jersey Ave, NW, Washington, DC Teaching for Change will handle book sales at the event. Meet José […]

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Where do people talk honestly about race? At the A.C.T.O.R. series

By Rachel Mullin “I believe one of the ways we become more tolerant and accepting of others is to talk to them, to engage people that are different from us–to get out of our comfort zone and actually hear a different point of view, a different experience.” – Pamela Pinnock It was this belief that […]

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