‘Is This America?’: 50 Years Ago Sharecroppers Challenged Mississippi Apartheid, LBJ, and the Nation

Teaching for Change staff members Julian Hipkins III and Deborah Menkart wrote this article and a related lesson for the 50th anniversary of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP). The article was published on the Zinn Education Project website for the “If We Knew Our History” series. It was also published on Common Dreams, Alternet, […]

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Teaching #BlackLivesMatter

In support of the Movement for Black Lives, we share this collection of teaching ideas and resources. The Movement for Black Lives challenges the ongoing murders of African Americans by the police and the long history of institutionalized racism. This resource collection was originally published in August of 2014, after the murder of Michael Brown in […]

Teaching for Change Board Member Wins 2014 Lillian Smith Book Award

We are pleased to announce that Teaching for Change board member Michael J. O’Brien’s book, We Shall Not Be Moved: The Jackson Woolworth Sit-In and the Movement it Inspired, is one of the 2014 Lillian Smith Book Award recipients. The Lillian Smith Book Awards were established in 1968 by the Southern Regional Council to recognize authors whose books represent […]

New HowardZinn.org Website Launches

The Howard Zinn Trust invited Teaching for Change to revamp the HowardZinn.org website. After months of work in collaboration with Zinn’s family, we launched the redesigned and expanded site in August 2014. The new version of HowardZinn.org provides greater online access to articles, interviews, and other works by and about Howard Zinn. The website also offers […]

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Hands on the Plow for Teacher Fellowship

“I am a country boy, so silo has a serious meaning for me. Everything that’s in a silo is either dead or dying and is expected to be eaten. So we want to make sure we don’t find ourselves in a silo. We want to make sure that we spread the work out so that we […]

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Principal Meeting Launches Tellin’ Stories Family Partners Series

“Of the many hats I wear, one of those hats is that of the community organizer,” shared Thomson Elementary Principal Carmen Shepherd. “As principals, we are really here to serve and work with families.” On July 30, 2014, Ms. Shepherd, principal of Thomson Elementary (DCPS), joined principals from six other DCPS schools and one Prince […]

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The Civil Rights Movement Is Not Over: Mark Levy Says at the AFT

Freedom Summer volunteer Mark Levy spoke at the national convention of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) in Los Angeles on July 12, 2014 about the legacy and lessons of the modern Civil Rights Movement. Levy is a veteran junior high school teacher and labor organizer. Here are Levy’s prepared remarks. At the end of Levy’s […]

Julian Hipkins III Joins Teaching for Change Staff

Award-winning high school teacher Julian Hipkins III has been a long time collaborator with Teaching for Change on countless initiatives from the Zinn Education Project to Storycorps to Civil Rights Teaching. We are very pleased to announce that the collaboration will now be full time as Hipkins joins our staff as the Civil Rights Movement and Labor […]

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McComb, Mississippi Students Learn and Teach in Washington, D.C.

On this 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, we were honored to help host a fantastic week in D.C. of teaching and learning by 11 high school students from McComb, Mississippi. Drawing from history and continuing the tradition of activism, they engaged in a wide range of activities including: Sharing their film and play on Freedom […]

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Teaching the Truth about Youth Migration from Central America

• Under-Age and On the Move • Obama’s Immigration Problem  • • A Crisis  • The Flood of Children •  Turn on any national news program or open a newspaper and these headlines are likely similar to the ones that you have heard. This summer, the U.S. public has been hearing about a massive influx of unaccompanied minors from Central […]

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