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Fundraising Social Share Images

Here are images you can add to your fundraiser on behalf of Teaching for Change. The images below are sized for Twitter and Facebook. We also have images sized for Instagram. Use any of these images or create your own!

How To Fight Fake News

Dear friends, When young people learn to read with a critical eye for stereotypes and the mythmaking of history, they are more prepared to recognize it in their own lives. Teachers have a crucial role to play in helping young people develop the critical literacy skills to challenge stereotypes and fake news. Please give today to help …

Is it Safe to Teach the Truth?

The right-wing knows that teachers play a critical role in countering the miseducation of the American people. Post-election, we are supporting teachers as they respond to threats against them for teaching people’s history. The Breitbart News Network, headed by Trump’s chief strategist Stephen Bannon, has repeatedly attacked the Zinn Education Project (coordinated by Teaching for Change …