Black History Month

Reverend Barber’s words below highlight why it is all the more important to study Black history in February and all year long. We need some moral fire to help us see clearly how this history shapes our present reality. I’ve heard too many people say over the past several months, ‘We’ve never seen anything like this […]

Women Make History

This lesson presents the important and extensive roles of women in social justice movements. In this 45- to 90-minute lesson, participants take on the identity of one activist and interview at least six more. This lesson has been used successfully in middle and high school classes and in teacher workshops. Introduction One of the least recognized stories […]

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Teaching for Change 2016 Summer Reading and Writing Challenge

Teaching for Change challenges young people to read as many books as they can over the summer – especially multicultural and social justice books. We also encourage young people and their caregivers to examine the representation of Native Americans and people of color in the Scholastic catalog, and then write a letter advocating for multicultural […]

Guide for Selecting Anti-Bias Children’s Books

By Louise Derman-Sparks Based on “Ten Quick Ways to Analyze Children’s Books for Racism and Sexism.” Updated in 2013.* Children’s books continue to be an invaluable source of information and values. They reflect the attitudes in our society about diversity, power relationships among different groups of people, and various social identities (e.g., racial, ethnic, gender, […]

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Climate Change Missing from Scholastic News Scholastic News’ coverage of Hurricane Harvey says that the storm has acted “strangely,” but doesn’t mention even one word about climate change nor the extensive unregulated development that have contributed to the devastating crisis in Houston. Tell Scholastic our children deserve to know the truth about the weather as part of […]

When and How to Talk with Young Children about Enslavement: Discussion Questions for Educators

By Louise Derman-Sparks and Julie Olsen Edwards The recent successful, collective effort that resulted in the recall of A Birthday Cake for George Washington, a young children’s book that offered an inaccurate, sugarcoated version of the realities of slavery, brings up another important conversation for the early childhood community staff, families,  and social justice activists. This one is about […]

DC History Quiz

When most people think of Washington, D.C., what comes to mind are monuments, museums, and the federal government. Often overlooked is the local city, long shaped by issues of race, class, and colonial status. Teaching for Change staff and advisers prepared this “learn-as-you-go” quiz about D.C. to help fill the gaps in the traditional textbooks […]

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Anti-Bias Curriculum Film

  This film, produced as a companion to the Anti-Bias Curriculum book, now Anti-Bias Education, includes interviews with educators about themes addressed in the book, and scenes from the classroom of anti-bias education in action. Although the classroom scenes were filmed in the late 1980s, they still provide very useful examples for professional development, reflection, […]

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Thank You!

Thank you for supporting Teaching for Change! Your donation to Teaching for Change (a 501-c-3) is tax-deducible and helps us provide teachers and parents with tools to create schools where students learn to read, write, and change the world. You will receive an email from PayPal with the details of your donation for your records. […]

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The Teaching for Change Internship Experience

Click here to view current internship opportunities. See what some past interns have said about their experience with Teaching for Change: My duties were dynamic. I attended celebrations of learning and got to see the work of 9-12  students and their teachers lead them through discussions. I learned about the DC Public School system and […]

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Your donation to Teaching for Change (a 501-c-3) is tax-deductible and helps us provide teachers and parents with tools to create schools where students learn to read, write, and change the world.