Mendez v. Westminster: A California School Desegregation Case

On August 18, 2010, author Philippa Strum gave a talk about her book, Mendez v. Westminster: School Desegregation and Mexican-American Rights, at Busboys and Poets. The event was sponsored by the Teaching for Change Bookstore, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), The National Council of La Raza, and the United States Studies Program […]

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James Loewen Sets the Record Straight on Civil War

On September 20, 2010, James Loewen, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me, spoke to a full house at Busboys and Poets about his new book The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: “The Great Truth” About the “Lost Cause” (University Press of Mississippi, 2010). The event was coordinated by Teaching for Change Bookstore at Busboys and Poets. Co-edited […]

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Child of the Civil Rights Movement

Paula Young Shelton, author of Child of the Civil Rights Movement, provided a dynamic reading of her book while projecting images of the gorgeous illustrations on the screen at Busboys and Poets on June 16, 2010. She interspersed the reading with suggestions about how to use the book to help children explore a variety of […]

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Teaching for Change Featured in Front Porch Journal

Front Porch interviewed four booksellers, including Teaching for Change’s Publications Director Don Allen, “to examine the many forces that shape literature, and to highlight the perceptive and passionate people to whom we owe the books on our shelves.”     Excerpt: Front Porch: How’s business? Don Allen: The bookstore is very popular. We receive great foot […]

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NCORE Conference Affirms Race and Ethnicity in Education

With the ban on ethnic studies courses in Arizona public schools and the rewriting of the US history in the Texas standards, it is a critical time to deepen our understanding of these attacks and develop an effective response. Therefore, we were pleased to play an active role in the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity […]

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Promises, Promises: Parents Say Its Time to Build Our School

As a mother, I feel that we have been meeting and meeting and meeting, and meanwhile the school system is just playing with us.” “What kind of world we will have for our children when no one seems to care about their education.” These were just two of the many comments from parents of Bruce-Monroe […]

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Teaching About Haiti

Teaching About Haiti has been posted online as a free, downloadable resource, along with a list of more than 40 recommended books for books, films, and organizations for classrooms. The Teaching for Change board and staff believe that while students should be encouraged to contribute to relief efforts, it is also important to gain a deeper understanding of the history […]

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