Challenge Islamophobia with Education

Islamophobia is getting worse.

We need a grassroots educational response that raises consciousness and moves people to action.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes increased by 15% in 2017, after increases in 2015-2016 that exceeded anti-Muslim attacks in the year after 9/11/01. The bullying of Muslim children in schools by fellow students and teachers is increasing. The Muslim Ban is now law. The president of the United States freely expresses his allegiance to white supremacy.


Most teaching resources and teacher workshops about Islam and Muslims focus on increasing knowledge of religious texts, beliefs, and rituals rather than addressing the root causes of Islamophobia. This project addresses that gap by placing Islamophobia firmly within an American context and shared cultural history. The lessons are designed to avoid the need for a facilitator with specialized knowledge in Islamic studies, because the lessons do not intend to teach non-Muslims about the details of Islamic faith and practice. Rather, the lessons teach all of us to rethink what we know about the history of Muslims in the U.S., including the fact that Islamophobia is rooted in a history of racism.

All of the lessons are written and are currently being piloted in classrooms to collect teacher and student feedback.


  • Black Muslims in the United States: An Introductory Activity (ready for download)
  • What is Islamophobia? A Jigsaw Activity
  • Who Benefits from Islamophobia? A Role Play
  • Protesting the National Anthem: The Case of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
  • Latinx Muslims: Stereotypes and Surveillance
  • American Hate: Survivors Speak Out
  • Imagining Justice: Anti-Islamophobia Activism


To date, we have introduced the project and shared lessons with more than 1,300 people, including 334 teachers. In the coming weeks, we expect to exceed our goal of reaching 400 teachers impacting over 60,000 students in the first year of the project. Our goal for 2019 is to reach a total of 800 teachers impacting 120,000 students.


We need your support in order to meet the requests for teacher professional development workshops in cities across the country this year. Our goal is to raise $75,000 in order to double our impact in 2019. Please give today.


Donate by check:

Teaching for Change, PO Box 73038, Washington, D.C. 20056
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Contact the project director:

Alison Kysia


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