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Change Collective

Make a lasting impact with Teaching for Change by joining our Change Collective, a dedicated community that donates monthly or quarterly to sustain our work. In the face of growing attacks on democracy, immigrants, human rights, and the right to read, your steadfast support empowers educators and parents with free, anti-racist, social justice resources.

Why Join the Change Collective?

Your commitment to monthly giving enables us to:

Empower Educators

Host professional learning opportunities for educators with teach-ins, workshops, and study groups.

Expand Resources

Expand our resources for teaching about Central America, the Civil Rights Movement, go-go, people’s history, and more.

Engage Students

Engage students with interactive lessons and books that teach them to think critically and learn to change the world.

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Thank You to our Change Collective members!

Join the Change Collective today and be the driving force behind a more inclusive and informed education for all. Together, we can make a difference.