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Black Lives Matter at School

For the past four years, Teaching for Change’s D.C. Area Educators for Social Justice have hosted a D.C. Area Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action. This local week of action is part of the National Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action campaign taking place in cities across the U.S. to promote a set of national demands based in the Black Lives Matter guiding principles that focus on improving the school experience for students of color.

Each day of the week of action highlights two to three of the Black Lives Matter guiding principles. In school, teachers across the area implement Black Lives Matter Week of Action curriculum designed for pre-K through 12th-grade classrooms. In the evenings, there are often events for educators, students, stakeholders, and community members to actively engage in the movement.

The goal of the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action is to spark an ongoing movement of critical reflection and honest conversations in school communities for people of all ages to engage with critical issues of social justice. It is our duty as educators and community members to civically engage students and build their empathy, collaboration, and agency so they are able to thrive. Students must learn to examine, address, and grapple with issues of racism and discrimination that persist in their lives and communities.