Essential Resource for Children on the Complexity of the Movement

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Why and how educators and parents are using Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching.


Kelly Starling Lyons, Children’s Book Author

When my daughter started writing a historical fiction short story about friendship and school integration, she didn’t have the background to get inside her characters’ heads. I started pulling books for her to explore. One of the first I picked helped her the most, Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching edited by Deborah Menkart, Jenice L. View, and Alana D. Murray.

My daughter responded immediately to the Eloise Greenfield poem included in the chapter on education. It got her thinking about how tough and scary desegregation was for black children and how brave they had to be.

She also read parts of The Plaintiff Speaks first-person essay. Reading about the experience of someone who was on the front line as a teen was invaluable. The story she wrote for school is much richer because of your important book. Putting the Movement Back Into Civil Rights Teaching is an essential resource for teachers and parents looking for ways to help kids understand the complexity of the Movement.

RuthAnneGregoryRuthAnne Gregory, 4th Grade Teacher

Freedom’s Children: An Oral History Unit On The Civil Rights Movement, is a wonderful lesson. When I read Freedom’s Children to them they couldn’t believe the discrimination that existed in this country during their parents’ or grandparents’ childhoods.

The students had discussions at home–it is always wonderful to hear what they discussed with their parents. Most parents were on board, though a few were hesitant about discussing this time with their child.

The students learned a lot and became very focused during their normal day on when someone was not allowed to exercise their civil rights. We had many other discussions on this subject, and as I am a Black teacher born and raised during this time, I was able to share my own personal stories.

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