How To Fight Fake News

Dear friends,

When young people learn to read with a critical eye for stereotypes and the mythmaking of history, they are more prepared to recognize it in their own lives. Teachers have a crucial role to play in helping young people develop the critical literacy skills to challenge stereotypes and fake news.

Please give today to help young people develop these critical literacy skills.

At the beginning of 2016, Teaching for Change was one of the groups leading the campaign against the children’s book A Birthday Cake for George Washington that went viral with Leslie Mac’s #slaverywithasmile hashtag. Scholastic felt the pressure of the grassroots campaign: just four days later they took the extraordinary step of recalling the book. Following up on that success, Teaching for Change and allies launched the #StepUpScholastic campaign to help students critique the publisher’s catalog.

Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents the tools to help children develop critical literacy skills that will inform them as citizens and voters.

Let’s give students the tools they need to fight bigotry and fake news.


Deborah Menkart
Executive Director

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