Free Classroom Resources

free-icon Teaching for Change offers a number of resources for free access by classroom teachers. These include:



Put Central America on the Map in Schools

Lessons and poetry for K-12 on Central American history and culture.





People’s History

In collaboration with Rethinking Schools, Teaching for Change offers more than 100 people’s history lessons on our Zinn Education Project website.





Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching

The companion website for our book of the same title provides many lessons and texts for free download.





Teaching About Haiti

free downloadable teaching guide on the history and culture of Haiti.




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Selected books and films

We partner with authors and publishers who want to provide their materials for free to teachers. We make them available for processing and shipping costs.

These currently include, Critical Focus (historic photos), A Place at the Table (progressive history book for middle school), and Get Real Comics (kid friendly comic series on social justice issues).

We also have items for $1 each on our sale page.