Keesha Ceran Promoted to Deputy Director

We are pleased to announce associate director Keesha Ceran’s promotion to deputy director of Teaching for Change. This is in recognition of her contributions to Teaching for Change and her expanded responsibilities during her tenure with the organization.

Keesha joined Teaching for Change in January of 2021. In that time, she has made dramatic improvements to the internal operations and program delivery of our nonprofit organization. She has played a key role in advancing our technological and system infrastructures.

Some examples of her impact include developing and establishing:

  • Systems for staff onboarding and orientation with clear milestones
  • Professional online workspaces with shared calendars, just in time to facilitate collaboration by our expanded staff around the country
  • Staff positions, such as an events administrator who works across all projects
  • Intern support through new university partnerships
  • Partnerships for D.C. Area Educators for Social Justice and Teach the Beat
  • Recognition of staff, board, and volunteer service and accomplishments
  • Pro-bono professional guidance in human resources, finance, and design

Leading our 35th-anniversary planning, Keesha brings a deep level of professionalism, passion, expertise, and dedication to our operations.

Photo credit: Sam Mallon/Education Week