Teachers Connect with Families in Community Walk

Orr and Thompson Community Walk

Teachers, staff, and parents of Orr Elementary School (DCPS) began the 2014 school year with a community walk in the neighborhood of the school. Orr ES partners with Teaching for Change to implement the Tellin’ Stories approach to parent engagement. The community walks are one activity we recommend and help plan to strengthen meaningful school-family relations. As researcher Anne Henderson noted in an Education Leadership article about our work,

Touring the neighborhood will help teachers and staff members appreciate the life and soul of the community where they teach, develop deeper relationships with families, identify community resources to tap, and enrich instruction using what they learn about families’ cultures and backgrounds.

The Orr ES community walk on a sunny August day gave residents of the neighborhood a chance to greet the new principal, Dr. Carolyn Jackson-King, and the teachers as they walked through the neighborhood. (Earlier that day Jackson-King had literally rolled out a red carpet for the teachers as they returned for a new school year.)

While passing by houses, apartments, and play areas, teachers saw many of the schools’ parents, students, and siblings. The children and families were excited to see the familiar faces of their teachers in the neighborhood. Read more stories about community walks and other stories from Orr ES.

(Photos by Allyson Criner Brown.)