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Racial Equity in Your PTO or PTA: What Are You Doing?

Published on Aug 27, 2020 by PTO Today

Some robust conversations with leaders in PTO Today’s PTO and PTA Leaders & Volunteers Facebook group and an expert on equity in education have pointed toward earnest paths for moving forward with inclusiveness within parent groups.

Teachers are reinventing how Black history, anti-racism are taught in schools as system falls short

Published on Jun 30, 2020 by Good Morning America

When historian Carter G. Woodson was calling for the first Negro History Week in the 1920s — which would go on to become what we now celebrate as Black History Month — he said of his efforts, “This crusade is much more important than the anti-lynching movement, because there would be no lynching if it did not start in the schoolroom.”

The Beat Don’t Stop: TV One’s Long-Awaited Go-Go Documentary Airs Tonite

Published on Jun 21, 2020 by Medium

A few years ago I was in the classroom of predominantly Latin American students in D.C. The teacher had invited Experience Unlimited’s Sugar Bear to speak to the children about his music career as part of “Teach the Beat: Go-Go Goes to School,” where artists are looking to infuse D.C.’s rich and unique tradition of go-go into the curriculum.

A protest is just a start — now the real work begins

Published on Jun 2, 2020 by The Washington Post

Jenkins, who is a lawyer, says the best way to make the systemic changes that are needed is through education — a system that he acknowledges needs changing as much as any, “It’s critically important that our American history curriculum be modified, starting with primary- and secondary-school students,” he said. (He serves on the board of Teaching for Change, a national nonprofit based in the District that promotes social change through education.)

Black books: Deborah Menkart

Published on Feb 26, 2020 by CRAZYQUILTEDI

I’ve invited non Black people who are in someway connected to youth literature to share a list of 5-10 books written or illustrated by Blacks that will appeal to children. I asked for anything from board books and graphic novels to biographies and adult crossover. The authors or illustrators could be living or dead, U.S. residents or not. Today’s guest is Deborah Menkart… executive director of the education activist, non-profit organization Teaching for Change.

How Black Lives Matter Is Changing What Students Learn During Black History Month

Published on Feb 6, 2020 by TIME

Seven states launched commissions designed to oversee state mandates to teach black history in public schools in recent years… To meet the rising demand for resources, at least six Black History textbooks are on the market, as well as lesson plans on websites including Teaching Tolerance, Teaching for Change, Zinn Education Project and Rethinking Schools.