Teaching about Puerto Rico

Caribbean Connections: Puerto Rico introduces students to the history, geography, identity, government, economy, environment, and culture of Puerto Rico through essays, poetry, and fiction.

The second edition of our book Caribbean Connections: Puerto Rico has been out of print since 2006. In light of the current crisis on the island after Hurricane Maria and thanks to the support of generous donors, we have placed the book online for free download by classroom teachers.

We welcome donations so that we can produce an updated edition of Caribbean Connections: Puerto Rico. In addition to support for the book, we encourage direct support for people in Puerto Rico. This article in The Nation provides recommendations:  “Puerto Rico Still Needs Our Help. Here’s What You Can Do“.

Thank You

Many thanks to the people and organizations below for their support of Caribbean Connections: Puerto Rico.

Elizabeth Aaronsohn
Mischelle Anthony
Freddie Biddle
Marcy Fink and Ernesto Campos
Anaida Colon-Muniz
Kenneth Danford
Maria DeFelice
Sharon Dole
Nancy Donnelly
Julie Olsen Edwards
Deborah Elkin
Carrie Ellis
Marco Esparza
Joan Febus
Gloria Fernandez
Haniya Habib
Anne Hilb
Susan Katz
Enid Lee
Deb McCormick
Harriet McGuire
Maureen Mines
David Morris
Sonia and Angel Nieto
Enrique Ochoa
Gabriela Overdorff-Ferriol
Robert Peterson
Nonieqa Ramos-Richards
Luis Reyes
Rights and Opportunities Foundation
Wamecca Rodriguez
Patrícia Seidler
Jo Sullivan
Joel Tolman
Troy Foundation
Lynora Williams