Rick Reinhard: Movement Photographer

Rick Reinhard (c) Willa Reinhard 2000, Washington DC
Rick Reinhard in a rare photo of himself, taken by his daughter Willa Reinhard in 2000. Washington, D.C.
Rick Reinhard on April 24, 2011 © Rick Reinhard
Rick Reinhard © Rick Reinhard, 4/24/2011

Please join us in wishing photographer Rick Reinhard a very happy 70th birthday.

At a celebration to commemorate this milestone in his life, people testified to the extraordinary role he has played for social justice movements over these many decades—giving visibility to struggles ignored by the mainstream media, truth telling, and documenting the movement for generations ahead.

His powerful images have supported movements for liberation in El Salvador, environmental justice, anti-war, labor, immigrant rights, civil rights, ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, electoral campaigns, anti-apartheid, and much more.

At Teaching for Change, we were honored to have Rick serve on our board and also to document much of our own work over the years in schools and author events. Not only would Rick take dozens of amazing photos at each event, but the next day he would bike over to our office with the disk of photos and his own keen insights about the talk or action.

We look forward to continued collaboration in the years ahead.

Here are just a few of our events he has documented so beautifully. Click each image for the full album.

Teaching for Change Life and Legacy of Clyde Kennard at Busboys and Poets . Washington DC. Nov. 14, 2013 © Rick Reinhard 2013 email rick@rickreinhard.com
Dick Gregory at the commemoration of the life and legacy of Clyde Kennard. © Rick Reinhard, 11/14/2013
Enid Lee speaking about "What Kids Aren't Learning." (c) Rick Reinhard, 3/12/2012
Enid Lee speaking about “What Kids Aren’t Learning.” © Rick Reinhard, 3/12/2012
Editor Emilye Crosby with Julian Bond at the event for her book, Civil Rights History from the Ground Up: Local Struggles, a National Movement. © Rick Reinhard 5/23/2011
Editor Emilye Crosby with Julian Bond at the event for her book, “Civil Rights History from the Ground Up.” © Rick Reinhard, 5/23/2011
Teaching for Change Telling Stories Quilting Project at E L Haynes ES in NW Washington DC . March 23, 2011 © Rick Reinhard 2011
Teaching for Change parent workshop at EL Haynes in Washington, D.C. © Rick Reinhard, 3/23/2011
Dave Zirin at "Not Just a Game" fundraiser for Teaching for Change. © Rick Reinhard, 12/13/2010
Dave Zirin speaks about his film at the “Not Just a Game” fundraiser for Teaching for Change. © Rick Reinhard, 12/13/2010
Monet Cooper in a Story Corps interview. © Rick Reinhard, 8/21/2011
Monet Cooper was one of a dozen teachers in the D.C. Story Corps sessions. © Rick Reinhard, 8/21/2011 (album also has photos by Jack Gordon)

Rick contributed many beautiful photos for our book, Beyond Heroes and Holidays. Here are just a few.


Photo in Beyond Heroes and Holidays (c) Rick Reinhard.

Propostn 187byRickReinhard

To use any of these photos, review the photo archives, and/or contract with Reinhard to photograph an event, email Rick Reinhard.