Sponsor a Bookshelf at the Teaching for Change Bookstore

The Teaching for Change Bookstore at Busboys and Poets (14th and V) is the Washington, D.C. area’s best source for books that encourage children and adults to question, challenge, and re-think the world beyond the headlines. The bookstore is located in Busboys and Poets, a restaurant, performance space, and coffeehouse, which features a dynamic events schedule.

Teaching for Change needs donations and sponsorships (tax-deductible) to keep the bookstore in operation, curate the selection of books, and coordinate author events.

Become a part of our bookstore by sponsoring one of 20+ shelves from which thousands of parents, teachers, activists, and the general public browse and buy books.

Sponsoring a bookshelf is a great way for associations and organizations to reach a diverse audience and be recognized for your generosity.

Sponsorships begin at $2,500 annually and include prominent placement of a sponsor plaque on your sponsored bookshelf/bookshelves.

Contact Deborah Menkart at 202-588-7205 or via email for more information. 


Sponsor Benefits Include:



Popular Location

Display your organization’s name and logo in a progressive bookstore located in a popular D.C. destination.


Diverse Crowd

Reach a diverse crowd of tens of thousands progressives, book lovers, policy analysts, activists, parents, teachers, and casual visitors who visit the bookstore and restaurant each week.


Your Logo and Message

Your organization’s logo and message featured with the bookstore on Teaching for Change’s website.


Social Justice Partnership

Partner with a progressive, independent, nonprofit bookstore recognized as the best place for multicultural children’s books and social justice resources.


Co-Sponsor Recognition

Co-sponsor recognition at all Teaching for Change author events at Busboys and Poets featuring topics relevant to your sponsored bookshelf.


In-Store Discount

10% discount for members of your organization/association on all in-store book purchases.


Sponsor a Bookshelf or Section




Bilingual Children’s

Board Books

Young Adult
Fiction and Non-Fiction


Memoirs and Biographies

Books in Spanish

Environment, Food, and Health

Politics and History
Middle East 

Politics of Society




Peace Studies

Arts & Culture

Graphic Novels


 What People are Saying

Being in a bookstore is an experience. To be in a bookstore with compelling, progressive, forward thinking titles focused on social justice and racial justice is powerful.


The Teaching for Change Bookstore has this grand ability to host a wide variety of people who take on the social justice issues of our time. The bookstore grants such access to the broadest swath of people.


At my school there are a lot of people who really rely on Teaching for Change’s selection of books to fuel students’ imaginations through stories and books that represent them.


All the books have been vetted by people I trust. The Teaching for Change Bookstore also covers an extensive range of topics that are important to me and important to other marginalized people – there is a clear focus on marginalized youth and adults.