Summer Reading for Social Justice


The best part of summer has arrived, the time to select a book (or books) to savor over the weeks ahead.

Each year, the Teaching for Change staff offers recommendations for your summer reading, selected from new releases over the past year. Here is this summer’s list of books for children, middle school, young adults, and adults in fiction and non-fiction.

With the theme of the World Cup this summer, we have two books on soccer in Brazil. To learn about the history behind the major voting rights anniversaries this decade, there are gripping titles on the people’s history of the Civil Rights Movement. There are also titles on the environment, gender stereotypes, education, race, Panama, WWII, and more.

Send us your feedback if you read any of the books and/or let us know what titles you would add to the list.

Remember, whatever you read this summer, please pick up the book at your local library or independent bookstore or webstore. We encourage everyone to boycott Amazon, here’s why.


Posted Tuesday, June 24, 2014 |

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