Teacher Workshop on Central America

While the histories of the United States and Central America have been intertwined for centuries, Central American history has been missing from the school curriculum for many years. Therefore, before asking teachers to infuse Central American history in their own classrooms, we recommend that schools host teacher workshops to familiarize the staff with Central American […]

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Crossing Borders Through Art:  The Tortilla as Canvas

BY LYNDA TREDWAY The Border/La Frontera (n) limit, boundary, frontier, limitation, margin, restriction; a line dividing two areas (v) run along the edge of something or form frontier with place Walls protect and walls divide.  Some walls are meant to protect—The Wall of China.  The wall between the West Bank and Jerusalem divides an already […]

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18 With a Bullet documents the life and experiences of a major Salvadoran gang called “18.” Gangs developed in El Salvador as a result of deportation of thousands of Salvadorans from the U.S. in the 1990s, including young people who had joined gangs while in Los Angeles. (High school.) Dirty Secrets describes Jennifer Harbury’s courageous search for her […]

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Teaching the Truth about Youth Migration from Central America

• Under-Age and On the Move • Obama’s Immigration Problem  • • A Crisis  • The Flood of Children •  Turn on any national news program or open a newspaper and these headlines are likely similar to the ones that you have heard. This summer, the U.S. public has been hearing about a massive influx of unaccompanied minors from Central […]

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Gold or Water in El Salvador?

“Thirty years ago, several thousand civilians in the northern Salvadoran community of Santa Marta quickly gathered a few belongings and fled the US-funded Salvadoran military as it burned their houses and fields in an early stage of the country’s twelve-year civil war. Dozens were killed as they crossed the Lempa River into refugee camps in […]

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D.C. Teachers Explore Students’ Central American Culture and History

In July of 2013, Claire Sontag and Fabiana Duarte, two Washington, D.C. based dual-language teachers, traveled through Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala to learn about the history and culture of their students and their families. During their time in each country, they met with local officials, visited public schools, and explored the cultural diversity of […]

Can You Name a Central American Author or Historical Figure?

Teaching for Change launches campaign to provide K-12 teachers 
with free resources on the untold history and literature of Central America. More than four million Central Americans reside in the United States today, yet the resources on Latino heritage in most schools focus on Mexico, South America, or Spain. Central America is simply a strip […]

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