Inauguration Day Social Justice Teach-In

For Inauguration Day 2017, let’s hold teach-ins at schools across the country.

Teachers in New York are organizing a day to #TeachResistance. The Ethnic Studies program at Lewis & Clark College is holding a teach-in to learn, discuss, and act. In her keynote at the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME), noted educator Linda Darling-Hammond said, “It is time for teach-ins at every school.” Let us know about activities planned for your school or community.

To assist these efforts, Teaching for Change is preparing a #TeachResistance lesson for middle and high school that can be downloaded for free. It is currently being field-tested by D.C. teachers and will be available by January 11, 2017.

Based on our lesson Women Make History, the activity includes short bios of people (women and men) from throughout U.S. history who have resisted injustice. The lesson uses a “meet and greet” approach (like the one used in Unsung Heroes), where each student takes on the identity of an individual in history. Students interview each other using a set of guided questions. Through the meet and greet activity, students learn about a variety of social change strategies including use of the media, demonstrations, civil disobedience, grass roots organizing, education, and more.

There are also dozens of lessons to draw on from the Zinn Education Project website. In particular, check out the lessons highlighted in Teaching After the Election of Trump. Most of these lessons were developed by Rethinking Schools.