New Report Recognizes Our Tellin’ Stories Project as “Transformative Family Engagement”

A publication based on the findings from an evaluation of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s (WKKF) Family Engagement cohort was released in July 2019, and features stories and lessons from the Tellin’ Stories Project, Teaching for Change’s nationally recognized approach to family engagement.

The report, titled Cultivating a Community of Champions for Children Through Transformative Family Engagement, as described by the Kellogg Foundation, shows how equity-based family engagement helps parents and caretakers in underserved communities become effective advocates and culture-bearers in schools, which boosts educational quality and relevance.

In 2013, Teaching for Change was one of 30 “exceptional” organizations chosen from 1,100 applicants to form the WKKF Family Engagement cohort. Teaching for Change and other grantees selected stood out for approaching family engagement through a racial equity lens, an approach that aligns with the Kellogg Foundation’s “transformative family engagement” framework.

By making families active partners in education, Family Engagement can begin to address the distrust between communities of color and their children’s schools and form the bonds that can transform learning.  —La June Montgomery Tabron, President and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, in Cultivating a Community of Champions for Children Through Transformative Family Engagement (WKKF, 2019)

Under the section of Common Conclusions, the report notes that, “each of the 30 grantees has their own distinct story to tell. Nevertheless, some dynamics, challenges and triumphs were shared and fell across these major themes:

  • Flexibility is more important than rigid adherence to ‘the Plan,’
  • Quality relationships – not quantity – makes the difference,
  • Local context keeps programs realistic and responsive, and
  • Family engagement is a path to personal and professional growth.”

We thank the Kellogg Foundation for their investment in Teaching for Change and the Washington, D.C. public school communities and families that we serve. Read the full report (including the Teaching for Change references and stories on pages 12 and 14) at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation website.