Timothy Jenkins Honors Chuck McDew with Donation to Civil Rights Teaching Book

Chuck McDew, Julian Bond, and Timothy Jenkins

With the current threats to voting rights and democracy, understanding the bottom up history of the Civil Rights Movement has never been so urgent and relevant. To encourage the teaching of grassroots organizing during the Civil Rights Movement – lessons that can inform student activism today – we want to publish a new print edition of Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching this year.

Timothy Jenkins, a Teaching for Change Board member and SNCC veteran, has offered to match any donations up to $10,000 in honor of fellow SNCC veteran Chuck McDew (1938-2018).

The role of the Civil Rights Movement is to promote a full-scale social revolution in the U.S. by activating people who feel freedom as a passion in their lives and are willing to make it more than an abstract concept. ─ Chuck McDew, SNCC veteran

The new edition of Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching will include dozens of lessons and resources that help pre-K-12 students learn about the grassroots, people’s history of the Civil Rights Movement. They will learn that the movement began way before 1954, continues today, and was driven by many unsung heroes including women, young people, and rural farmers.

The book, available at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, will introduce teachers to the wealth of resources on the website and provide essential background reading. Please give today to help us meet this generous match.




Our appreciation to those who have donated towards the match. Here are some of the notes they included along with their donations.

Thank you Tim, for contributing to this important way of honoring Chuck. With my appreciation for SNCC folks then and now and my appreciation for all the folks at Teaching for Change. —Emilye Crosby

In loving gratitude to those–past, present, and future–who courageously fought, fight, and will fight for justice and equity in the name of protecting and promoting the humanity of Black people and other oppressed peoples of the world. Thank you. —Jessica A. Rucker

To my beautiful, intelligent daughter, Brianna. This is our truth. —Nathalie C. Lilavois, Ed.D.

In memory of Simeon Booker—Carol Booker

This is an important, multi-layered resource for showing the possibilities and encouraging strategic thinking. — Norm Diamond

Thanks for the matching donation, Tim Jenkins. —Nzinga Tull

Congratulations Teaching for Change on connecting young people today to the importance of the Civil Rights movement and encouraging them to GET INVOLVED. —Rebecca Medrano

Teaching for Change is a national treasure. —Judy Richardson

For my ancestors and children. —Jenice L. View

All in for the Tim Jenkins/Chuck McDew Match! YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE are so essential. Thank you for this work. —Wesley Hogan