New Go-Go Song Challenges U.S. Military Spending

Award-winning D.C.-based musician Devin Walker (“Uncle Devin”) released a powerful new single, “Move the Money.” Walker is a teaching artist in Teaching for Change’s Teach the Beat program in D.C. area schools.

Inspired by the iconic 1986 anthem “The Word” by D.C.’s Junkyard Band, Walker’s new song challenges U.S. government funding that prioritizes war over humanity.

As Walker explains,

Junkyard’s ‘The Word’ was one of the most important socially conscious songs in go-go history. Created by a group of teenagers and pre-teens from the Barry Farm Community in Southeast D.C., their message still resonates today.

‘Move the Money’ is my way of saying thanks by continuing their work. This comes at a time when critical social programs are cut and basic needs in many communities remain unmet. While the Defense Department has repeatedly failed six audits, struggling to account for billions in assets, our families and neighborhoods continue to grapple with issues like education gaps, affordable housing, and healthcare access.

Walker’s song is a call to action. He says, “We need gun control at the Pentagon!”

Let us know if you share the song with students.

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