Bringing Multicultural Books into Schools


Here is a special Teaching for Change shout out to two institutions—the Georgetown Day School Equity Collaborative and the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) ELL Office—for introducing their teachers to progressive multicultural literature. They have partnered with us to help select titles for their classrooms. By ordering from Teaching for Change, they have helped to sustain the careful selection of progressive titles in our bookstore in DC and on our webstore.

What books did they order?

The ACPS Office of English Language Learners Services created class sets with hundreds of books for grades 3-8 such as The Great Kapok Tree, Freedom on the Menu, and One Grain of Rice. Large orders like the bulk purchase of Alexandria City PS make a huge difference in the financial viability of the Teaching for Change Bookstore. In order to provide the social justice resources that cannot be found elsewhere, bulk orders go a long way toward easing the financial challenges faced by an independent bookstore in the era of e-books and unfair labor practices of Amazon.  We extend our appreciation to Michelle Suchenski, Mekdes Amedi, Katherine Phillip, Dr. Bethany Nickerson, and all the Alexandria ELL teachers.


Equity Collaborative-GDS
For more than five years, the Georgetown Day School (GDS) has hosted an Equity Collaborative, a leadership program “to help educators develop an institutional roadmap for creating and supporting multicultural education and anti-bias curricula in both public and independent schools.”  They take an annual field trip to Busboys and Poets and our Teaching for Change bookstore. GDS gives each participating school a gift certificate from our bookstore. The teachers spend a wonderful time in our book shelves full of anti-bias children’s books, progressive teaching resources, and multicultural fiction for all ages. They share stories about titles they have just discovered (such as Those Shoes, 101 Changemakers, and Moving Beyond Icebreakers) or old favorites (such as Rethinking Schools titles and I Love My Hair).

By buying gift certificates every year from Teaching for Change, GDS supports their local progressive bookstore AND gives educators access to resources that are hard to find in their own communities.  Many thanks to Elizabeth Denevi, Randolph Carter, Mariama Richards, Kristen Chasse and everyone at the GDS Equity Collaborative for their support of multicultural education.

Slideshow photos of the 2013 Equity Collaborative by Rick Reinhard.