Mythbuster Quizzes

Teaching for Change offers several mythbuster quizzes that are designed to challenge assumptions and deepen understanding. These quizzes are not to be used as a “test,” instead they offer a chance to explore myths about history and inspire further learning. Each response includes links to sources to learn more. While students are engaged in remote learning, they could take one or more quizzes and use them as a springboard for disucussion. Students could also use the format to write their own mythbuster quizzes about other periods in U.S. history or their hometown. Please let us know if they do and/or if you find any corrections needed for the quizzes.

Note that four of these quizzes are about the Civil Rights Movement. They were developed as a companion to the print and online guide, Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching.

Civil Rights Movement Mythbusters Quiz

The long, grassroots history of the Civil Rights Movement that is all too often omitted from the textbooks.



Montgomery Bus Boycott Quiz

The story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott beyond Rosa Parks’ iconic stance on the bus. Includes the strategic brilliance and courage of the African American community in Montgomery.

Voting Rights Act History Quiz

We’ve all seen the iconic image of President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But what do we know of the history that led to the signing of the legislation?



March on Washington Quiz

The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom beyond Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic statement, “I Have a Dream.”


DC History Quiz

Washington, D.C. beyond the monuments, museums, and the federal government. We emphasize the local city — long shaped by issues of race, class, and colonial status.