Contributions and Credits

This special collection of lessons and resources for teaching about Selma was made possible by the following people.

Lessons and Roles

Emilye Crosby, Liz Dierenfield, Karyln Forner, Julian Hipkins III, Deborah Menkart, and Lynda Tredway.

Feedback and Field Testing

Scott Abbott, Greg Carr, Allyson Criner Brown, Marjorie Clark, Bonny Cochran, Genevieve DeBose, Katie Gould, Sharlene Kranz, Cosby Hunt, Timothy Jenkins,  Lynn Levinson, Omolara Williams McCallister, Tiffany Mitchell, Barrie Moorman, Judy Richardson, Neha Singhal, Darry Strickland, Nzinga Tull, Jenice View

Layout and Design

Mykella Palmer


Matt Herron/Take Stock Photos


Louise Derman-Sparks, Peter Dull, Keene Family, Jonathan Khouri, Lauren Khouri, Ramona Kohrs, Enid Lee, Catherine Memmolo, Linda Mizell, Hillary Schneller, Maurice Sykes