International Film Festival in D.C.

filmfestFilmfest DC (April 16-26) will showcase more than 70 feature films, documentaries, and shorts from around the world. The festival features a diverse range of films from over 30 countries in categories including World View, The Lighter Side (comedies), Trust No One (thrillers), Justice Matters (social justice), Rhythm On and Off the Screen, Reel Jazz and Shorts.

Teaching for Change is partnering with Filmfest DC to spread the word about the festival and to bring filmmakers for Limited Partnership and This Land is My Land to D.C. public school and public charter school classrooms on April 23 and 24.

Contact Teaching for Change if you are interested in hosting a visit by one of the film directors to your classroom or a combination of classrooms at your school. We have found that the film director visits are most useful if (a) there is time for students to view the film in advance of the visit, (b) the students prepare questions for the director, and (c) the theme of the film connects with a topic the class is studying already. Visits can be from 30-45 minutes.

Limited Partnership


In 1975, Filipino-American Richard Adams and Australian Tony Sullivan became the first couple to receive a same-sex marriage license.
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This is My Land


How do the Palestinian and Israeli educational systems teach the history of their respective nations and their intertwined conflict?
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