McComb, Mississippi Students Learn and Teach in Washington, D.C.

The first stop was the grave for Mississippi freedom fighter Medgar Evers, a WWII veteran who was killed for his fight for democracy in the U.S. on June 12, 1963.

On this 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer, we were honored to help host a fantastic week in D.C. of teaching and learning by 11 high school students from McComb, Mississippi.

Drawing from history and continuing the tradition of activism, they engaged in a wide range of activities including:

  • Sharing their film and play on Freedom Schools and voting rights with high school students and at the African American Civil War Museum
  • Paying respect to the graves of Medgar Evers, the Civil War Colored Troops, Joe Louis, Thurgood Marshall, and more at the Arlington Cemetery
  • Participating in a voting rights flash mob at the Supreme Court
  • Touring the Frederick Douglass home in Anacostia and the Freedom Summer special exhibit at the Newseum
  • Joining their D.C. peers in a youth-led forum on the rights of D.C. immigrant students
  • Visiting two university campuses with presentations by college students
  • Meeting SNCC veterans and authors
  • Competing at National History Day (with the performance group placing 7th in the nation!)
  • Spreading the word about their work in McComb on the radio
On the steps of the Frederick Douglass home.

You can read more and see photos about their trip here.

Before leaving, the students met to plan for next school year.

The students of McComb Legacies are determined to continue to document and share local history and work for equality for all today.

They have formed a leadership team and are recruiting new members. The immediate plans include a full week this summer to research and develop their next Civil Rights Movement history project.

To make this happen, the students need your support. The foundation grant that supported McComb Legacies for three years has ended. We hope you will be willing to make a contribution so that the students can move forward with their vital work.

Please take a moment to make a donation today.