Teacher Workshop on Central America

While the histories of the United States and Central America have been intertwined for centuries, Central American history has been missing from the school curriculum for many years.

Therefore, before asking teachers to infuse Central American history in their own classrooms, we recommend that schools host teacher workshops to familiarize the staff with Central American historical figures and themes.

Teaching for Change staff are available to offer professional development sessions of anywhere from 90 minutes to a full day on Central American history.

CAworkshopDCPS CAworkshopDCPS2

We led a workshop for the DCPS Office of Teaching and Learning called the “Hidden History of Central America.” As seen in the photos above, teachers enjoyed stepping into Central American history and are now more prepared to include this history in their own classrooms. Many wrote in their evaluations that the lesson should be offered to teachers in all schools in the D.C. area.

The workshop for DCPS was based on an introductory lesson for high school classrooms. It is a “meet and greet” activity where each participant takes on the identity of a key figure of note in Central American history. The lesson includes bios of poets, teachers, activists, dictators, and U.S. politicians–including the people pictured below.

Augusto Sandino
Augusto Sandino
Rigoberta Menchu
Gioconda Belli
Anastasio Somoza
Gen. Somoza
John Foster and Allen Dulles
Dulles Brothers

How much do you know about the people pictured above? If the answer is nothing or not much, then it is time to schedule a workshop for your school, district, or community group! Write to Teacher Workshop to arrange a time to discuss location, staff size, dates, and fees.

central-america-sidebar-bannerThis workshop is offered as part of Teaching for Change’s campaign called Put Central America on the Map in Schools. To support teaching in K-12 about Central America, we offer free downloadable lessons, classroom resource recommendations, and poetry.