SNCC Legacy Project receives the “Education for Liberation Award” from Teaching for Change

Teaching for Change was proud to honor individuals whose work and lived experiences embody the pursuit and interconnectedness of education, multiculturalism, social justice, and democracy with our “Education for Liberation Award” at a celebration of our 25th anniversary on June 29, 2016.

Marita Golden, noted author and founder of the Hurston/ Wright Foundation, presented the award to the SNCC Legacy Project. She said,

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was the national organization during the Civil Rights Movement led by young people. Mentored by the legendary Ella Baker, SNCC activists worked with community leaders to build local grassroots organizations in the Deep South that mounted a systemic challenge to white supremacy. The SNCC Legacy Project ensures that history is documented by the veterans themselves and is shared with the next generation of young activists. It is my honor to present the Education for Liberation Award to the SNCC Legacy Project, to be received by Judy Richardson.

Martia Golden presented the SNCC Legacy project with the "Education for Liberation Award." It was accepted by Judy Richardson © Rick Reinhard 2016 email
Martia Golden presented the SNCC Legacy project with the “Education for Liberation Award.” It was accepted by Judy Richardson © Rick Reinhard 2016

Judy Richardson accepted the award on behalf of the SNCC Legacy Project. Richardson said,

Your work and ours has the same mission: to bring to audiences, young and older, the largely untold history of the continuing struggle for justice, long waged by all our diverse communities.  In fact, from our Freedom Schools, to Drum & Spear Bookstore & Press, to its current work, SNCC has at its core revealing the stories of the regular folks – like all of us in this room – whose brilliant organizing strategies and courage have always been the base of our movements.  And, like Teaching for Change, we understand that knowledge about the real history is an essential organizing tool.

Teaching for Change also honored renowned children’s book author Eloise Greenfield, principal Dr. Marta Palacios, and principal Carmen Shepherd with the Education for Liberation Award at the event. The award featured original portraits of educators Septima Clark and Paulo Freire by illustrator Jesse Joshua Watson.

Event guests heard from noted educators Greg Carr (Howard University) and Enid Lee (co-editor of Beyond Heroes and Holidays) as well as legendary go-go performers Ju-Ju and Sweet Cherie.

Photos of the event and the awardees available.

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