Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools Endorsers

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Nationwide #BlackLivesMatter at School Week of Action

Educators in cities across the country, including Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Boston, D.C., Baltimore, and many more are organizing a national Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action the week of February 4-8, 2019. The movement in schools grew out of an action in Seattle in 2016.  During Black Lives Matter at School Week […]

Black Lives Matter in Schools Resources

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D.C. Area Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools

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KidsPost Says Slavery was a “Mistake”

The September 14 edition of the KidsPost featured an article on Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who are taking a knee during the National Anthem. While we commend the Washington Post for addressing this topic in the kid’s section of their paper, their approach mis-educates the reader. Here is the explanation by Fred Bowen in the KidsPost […]

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Athletes, Protest, and Patriotism

Update: Since 2016, countless athletes have knelt during the anthem to protest police shootings of unarmed black men. Follow Dave Ziron’s weekly column Edge of Sports to learn more. NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the “Star-Spangled Banner” has provoked a national conversation about athletes, protest, and patriotism. We share resources below for […]

Hoodies Up! #BlackLivesMatter in the Classroom

On February 5, 2016, Julian Hipkins III of Teaching for Change participated in a Skype video conference with students in the Mock Trial classes at Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon. Hipkins joined a number of educators, activists and community organizers who spoke with students about racism, inequality, and resistance. The event was part of “Hoodies-Up Day,” […]

Teaching #BlackLivesMatter

In support of the Movement for Black Lives, we share this collection of teaching ideas and resources. The Movement for Black Lives challenges the ongoing murders of African Americans by the police and the long history of institutionalized racism. This resource collection was originally published in August of 2014, after the murder of Michael Brown in […]

Teaching About Trayvon Martin with Young Children

As national attention continues to focus on the tragedy of Trayvon Martin’s murder and schools hold Hoodie Days for Trayvon Martin, teachers have asked for advice for talking about Trayvon in their early childhood classrooms. Many other schools have remained silent about Trayvon Martin’s murder. This could be because of concern about how to address […]

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