Go-Go Sound of Summer Series

Swamp Guinee (Congos), JuJu House (Drums), Scooter (Keys), Sugar Bear (Bass).
Behind the scenes selfie with the Teach the Beat team (Jonas, Matt, and Keesha) and Sweet Cherie.

On a Friday in June 2021, go-go music legends and the Teach the Beat and DC Public Library teams filled the Martin Luther King Jr. Library’s auditorium with the official sound of D.C. in celebration of a three part series Go-Go Sound of Summer. 

Each episode explored a different facet of go-go music and culture, breaking down the foundations of the music, showcasing its history in D.C., and celebrating its broader influence on other music genres, popular culture, political movements, and more. Featured in the videos were Matt “Swamp Guinee” Miller, William “JuJu” House, Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliot and Cherie “Sweet Cherie” Mitchell-Agurs.

The time together was filled with excitement and energy as artists had a few moments to say hello, check-in on how families were doing and reminisce on their experiences within the genre. Matt “Swamp Guinee” Miller had the pleasure to play a set with Cherie “Sweet Cherie” Mitchell and talk with her about her legacy as a go-go artist and vision for where go-go is growing. The fun didn’t stop as William “JuJu” House and Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliott joined the set.

Watch the series of three episodes below.

Episode 1: Expression

Episode 2: Experience

Episode 3: Evolution